Creative Branding & Design Studio, Cape Town

Creative Branding & Design Studio, Cape Town

About us
It’s a matter of fact. Grey matter to be precise. It’s where we get all our ideas from. But it’s more than just thinking. It’s about thinking boldly – about being bold (kind of like neon pink paint).

Yes, a bold matter, and for your business, it’s all that matters. Be Bold. – Neon Grey

About Us

Neon Grey Creative Marketing is a multi-disciplinary creative branding and visual design studio in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide our clients with the best in creative branding and graphic design solutions, using bold, world-class creative techniques and an integrated hands-on approach, priding ourselves in delivering our work without compromising on quality. Being involved in the thinking of your business allows us to add extra value, by partnering with you in developing strategies and discovering new creative ideas. Brands are developed with valuable insights from the client, competition and consumer as core influences. We understand brands and their importance, creating synergy between people and design.

We enable brands to strengthen their positioning by successfully communicating their unique values and qualities of their brands creatively, delivering the best in bold ideas.


About us

Brand Experience Design involves taking your brand values in enhancing your customer’s expectations of your product or service and ensuring those expectations are met, at every interaction with your brand. It is customised, strategic and focussed on delivering, protecting and growing your marketing message, enforcing the qualities of your brand at every point, through effective design, marketing and communication on all platforms.

About us

Every interaction, communication and product is designed to build the best experience for customers. We are skilled and experienced in providing Graphic Design, Content Design and Conceptual Design and Ideation to ensure that your brand is effectively communicated with your customers and stakeholders, through a wide array of applications. We are able to develop new brands and re-energise out-dated brands through brand identity and graphic design, print, publication and packaging, web design and more. Our works are set at industry standards, and convey creativity and excellent execution. The bottom line is that we know design, and we do it well!

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Strategy Design engages building an understanding of your needs, business objectives and customer expectations. By applying systematic and solution thinking, and having a strategic approach to our work, enables us to factor in all possible solutions to make your brand work for you and stand out from the rest. Our team is qualified and experienced in creative development and strategy, using tried and trusted in house methods. It’s not what you do that matters, it’s how well you do it, that counts.

About us

Capture the heart of your audience through striking imagery. Coupled with other design components, we are able to provide photography services that tie in with your marketing message and themes. Creativity and Simplicity are key factors in producing high quality photography content for use in various design applications from web, print and social media.

About us
At Neon Grey Creative Marketing, our work is designed with the client in mind. Brands are developed with valuable insights from the client, competition and consumer as core influences. Understanding brands and their importance in this way, allows us to create synergies between people and design. Passion, Product, Positioning, Placement and Promise – we acknowledge and implement these principles when creating a marketing message for your business.


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