Social Enterprise

Legacy Movement SA

To Expect a Difference, we need to Make a Difference.

Legacy Movement SA is a youth driven community based initiative, dedicated to providing the youth with avenues and channels of expression and edutainement. Various brands under the Legacy Movement SA umbrella have developed into a movement, with a solid brand identity that appeals to the youth, using Hip Hop as its influence. Using a "bee" as the icon, illustrates the brand's belief of working together in harmony in making a difference. Neon Grey Creative Marketing are the pioneers behind the brand, from logo design, social media displays, poster design, apparel and other forms of marketing, to ensure that all facets are current, trendy, youthful and ultimately, best represents the youth in their plight to make their voices heard. A great brand, with a great soul! Neon Grey Creative Marketing is a proud Supporter of Legacy Movement SA.

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