Innovative Business Branding

Raymond Ackerman Academy

Inspiring Innovative Influencers.

The Raymond Ackerman Academy for Entrepreneurial Development in partnership with the UCT Graduate School of Business, has been a long standing client with Neon Grey Creative Marketing. The programme, facilitated by award winning social entrepreneur Charles Maisel, offers real-life entrepreneurial development where innovative businesses are tested in the public market. This involved creative process, allows Neon Grey Creative Marketing the ideal opportunity to be as creative, innovative and strategic in developing the perfect brand for the businesses as it requires. It includes developing thought provoking, customised and strategic brand identities, that speak to the target audience through name, image, design, positioning, colour theory and a host of techniques in creating the best design identity for these budding businesses based on one core ideal – innovation. We are proud to be associated with this internationally reputable institution, developing and creating over 50 brand identities for the programme, since working with the students.

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